Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Having a sweaty work-out.

Afternoon all. That title fooled you eh? Yes, it's me, believe it or not, the slug on Valium who resists exercise...working out. I lie actually. I am not working out in the true sense. I am just going mad doing some much needed house-work. It all counts! :)

I have my sister from Surrey and some mutual school-friends from London and Kent descending on me this weekend. I sort of dread having visitors...not because I am anti-social. (I am quite gregarious and chatty and like people generally.) It's just that having visitors, and people who stay for the weekend, means I have to clean the house properly, from top to bottom. Well, I don't have to, but me being me, I function better if my guests aren't silently thinking "This woman is a complete slut. Have you seen the state of her windows?"

I miss my ex MIL visiting. She was a nice lady, but quite nosy and she lived in a bit of a show-home. Her cleaning standards were bordering on OCD. She was the sort of person who'd whisk your mug away the minute you'd finished your tea, and you just knew she was itching to get a damp cloth and wipe the space where your cup had been. The minute you stood up...after a decent interval of... oooh..all about four seconds...she'd rush over and plump up the cushion where you'd been sitting on the sofa. You know the type. Uncomfortable with anything out of place.

Thankfully, I am nothing like her as far as my house-cleaning standards are concerned. I did ALWAYS and without fail clean my ovens before she visited though. Ghastly job, but her impending visit gave me the impetus to do such tedious things. Shame she doesn't call any more...the oven could do with a clean. Should I put a padlock on it do you think, in case friends get the urge to cook for me? ;-)

The ovens aren't on my list..but nearly everything else is. I wish I were more methodical and organised, but I can live with a bit of mess...I am a bit of a clean freak as far as loos and sinks, and work-tops are concerned, and I do like my domain to look nice, but I prefer comfort to immaculate show-homes.

So, I have taken a well-deserved break to write. I am having a cuppa. (I just couldn't exist without proper tea throughout the day...None of yer herbal muck and soddin' hot fruity water infusions masquerading as 'tea' for me! Oh no. I am a tea purist.)

I feel, sweaty, manky, but I tell myself all the bending, stretching, pushing and pulling and stair climbing is good for me. It's amazing isn't it, that when you get the body moving, food doesn't seem very important? Two dry oatcakes (because I couldn't be bothered to slice tomatoes and onions or cheese) with my tea served as lunch. Not a good lunch, but I am not hungry. I had a decent brekky. This is win-win exercise and I fully recommend it. Not only do you get a full and long work-out,  you get a clean house at the end of it too! Result!

If I haven't lost at least 35lbs today I'll be very disappointed! ;)  If only, eh?

So, in the spirit of encouragement, I'll leave you by urging you to ensure you follow my excellent example.....(snort!) and exercise today!

Come on. Up you get! Yes you.

Ha ha. (I fell off my chair laughing as I typed that bit!)

Ooooh.  Even more exercise - a sideways lunge, a stretch, forward roll to the floor and a sit-up in one swift movement! :)

Have a good 'un.

“My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance”


  1. Girl you can come to my house anytime (and Clean) as long as you don't try to plumb up my cushions (I'll wrestle you to the ground if you do).
    I've noticed that since I've gotten older and living by myself that housework is not something I do without being dragged into it kicking and screaming...I would so much rather go to the gym and workout while pretending that my house is already clean..

    My daughter is like you..When her MIL comes she will actally take off the day from work just so she can clean her house (which I think is already clean) before the MIL comes..TG it's only a couple times a year!

  2. I tell you, reading about all the housework you did made me exhausted! I know just what you are talking about. Bending over and cleaning up is hard work. So, yes, it all counts. Enjoy your sister's and friends' visit!