Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Fat and Lazy?

I deliberately put the question mark after lazy.

I suspect I am fat because I am lazy. There. That takes the heat off all those people who might have become indignant.

I can say that I don't make much effort. I give in too easily. No healthy eating regime stands a chance for long because it involves effort...and I can't be bothered to make that effort every single time I need to eat.

There are a group of overweight people who would have us believe that because of some profound damage done to them they have no choice but to eat and eat and eat..Alcoholics would say there is a need to drown their sorrows. Drug addicts would say there is a need to get high and forget reality. We all know we have to wean ourselves off the substance which soothes us. It involves effort and determination to do that.

I'd also say OK. Yes, I eat out of 1) boredom, 2) because I don't like my fat self much, 3) because I am greedy, 4) because I have no self-discipline, 5) because fast food tastes great and  6) because there have been times in my life which have had a damaging impact on me and caused me to be the way I am now. They all apply.

I know all about comfort eating, but to the suffocating feelings with food lobby I'd say - we do it, but we have a choice.

In simplest terms? Our choices are 1) to lose weight, or 2) to remain the same.

What's easier? Choice 2 of course. To continue sitting down, continue eating all before us....for whatever reason we do it. We don't want to stop the rot, or we cannot summon up the effort it takes to stop the rot. In allowing ourselves "Just one more slice of cake" we inwardly make a pact with ourselves to remain a fat person. We choose. We do it with every mouthful of food.

When people say "There, there. I understand why you are fat" they give the overweight a get-out clause. We even give ourselves that get-out clause. "My life is crap, I am mentally and emotionally fragile, I am fat and useless...so I'll eat. Hell, I might as well pig-out too." This allows us more time to continue eating cakes and feeling sorry for ourselves because the scale shows us that we weigh more today than we did yesterday.

Don't most of us, no matter what our past, choose the easy way? Yes we do.

It's harder to make a salad than it is to buy a bar of chocolate or a burger.
It's harder to find self-discipline than it is to say "Oh well, I'll do better next week".
It's harder to remain stead-fast and disciplined than it is to say "Well, I deserve that cake. A little bit won't matter much."
It's harder to promise ourselves "I'm going to do this!" than it is to remain in a nice comfy rut of our own making.
It's harder to walk round the block on a cold winter's night than it is to sit in the warm and watch TV.
It's harder to prepare and cook vegetables than it is to microwave a ready meal.
It's harder to determine to change than it is to remain the same.

By the way - I AM that person I'm describing above. I conclude that I am taking the easy way out by remaining the same. I know myself quite well. I'd rather be fat and lazy than disciplined, hard-working, determined and thinner. I am choosing not to put on my walking shoes, and choosing to stay in my comfort zone.

You too?


  1. Ok I'm in trouble today..when I read your "Get Out Clause" all I could think of was a big fat woman in a elf's hat stuffing her face with homemade Christmas cookies & candies.(I think she is ME)..Oh no..I think the season is getting to me..Help me!
    Seriously though I agree with you (again) on how it's so much easier to be "fat & lazy" than having to work at thinking about every bite I put in my mouth. About getting out there and actually moving my body..I would much rather spend the day on the computer or reading a book (my comfort zone) but I also know that I will have to pay the price in the long run..so even if it's just dancing while you do your dishes or even dancing around the Christmas tree..get your body moving girl (the drill sargent talking here) you know you will be happier in the long run...

  2. Sorry I can't provide any motivation, Grump. Sounds like you are stuck in the same mire as me.... sigh.

    I think the cold weather has given me the excuse I was looking for - too cold/icy to get out and at it and warming comfort food the order of the day.

    Weight loss? Don't make me laugh - right now merely the fight to avoid major weight gain is hard enough. Lordy, but I hope things improve soon.

  3. Choices are never made in isolation. Each choice is driven by the momentum of personal history. This is so in all areas of life, not just weight loss. A child who is damaged and overeats is not making the same choice as a child who is emotionally whole and healthy. The internal pressure to make a particular choice is far stronger and much harder to resist. It's the difference between trying to stop a train with a body block or stopping a rolling bicycle. One is a good deal harder than the other to resist.

    People love to oversimplify things as black or white, but choices are always driven by personal history and we are not all equally capable of making the best or healthiest choices. The only reason to oversimplify such things is to provide a context for judgement, even if the person you are judging is yourself.

    The bottom line is this sort of oversimplification has zero value in helping people make the changes they desire. Until you understand what drives your choices in a direction you'd rather they did not go, you will remain powerless to make different ones. Once you can slow down the forces that are driving poor choices, you have a fighting chance to make others.

    But, go ahead and make it all simple and about one simple choice or another. It's working great for you so far, isn't it?