Friday, 27 August 2010

Hot and Steamy Kitchen Fantasies.

Well, I jumped on the scale this morning and yup, the two pounds that I'd lost when I looked on Wednesday hadn't come back. Bye bye two pounds. *waves* Was nice knowing you, but you over-stayed your welcome. Looks like they've moved on. So...that's another two pounds gone. How many months has it been now? ;-)

I am getting used to not a lot happening scale-wise. It isn't bothering me too much, mainly because the weight isn't going back on...or if it does, it seems to know it's not wanted and moves off eventually. I am feeling slightly lighter...and definitely more mobile.

As those who read regularly will know, I am not going for the burn ;-) Not likely - although I DO appreciate my biggest problem is lack of movement - the sort of movement that burns calories. I can't say I have been 'athletic' in my approach but I have been fitting in movement whenever I can, even if it's only of the bending and stretching variety. Olympic athletes need not fear my training.

I have been eating sensibly and healthily for the most part....although a couple of hours ago was a bit of a disaster. Well, a big disaster really, but I'll get round to that in a minute.

My exercise? Five days out of seven I am doing thirty minutes on the bike...and I get that out of the way early in the morning. Every single day last week I ..erm....ahem....jogged on the spot in the kitchen whilst the kettle was boiling....sometimes three times a day. OK, runners can laugh, but  given I am a bit of a tea addict, I boil my kettle a lot! :) Flick the switch, red light comes on, the kettle starts it's gentle chugging sounds and off I go..up down, up, down, up down.....for about two to three minutes non stop. No one is at home. This is my guilty secret.

When watching television I make myself get up during every advertisement break. I do silly things like touching my toes...(bending from the waist I mean...) and do several slow Tai Chi movements. (I was given a Tai Chi DVD three Christmases ago and for a while I got into it.) It's very relaxing...and I laugh as I form shapes with my arms and move my body as if in slow motion, deliberately, smoothly and slowly. Again, I need the room to myself. It's fortunate my lads hole themselves up in their bedrooms most evenings, with drums, guitars, DVDs or XBoxes. If my man comes around, obviously I behave normally during ad breaks...or I make excessive amounts of tea for him to drink so I can jog away in the kitchen. When I return breathing heavily he thinks that's the effect he has on me...poor sap :)

Thinks: I suppose I could pretend I have been fantasising about him in the kitchen? He is easily pleased these days ;-)

I am also consciously dancing vigorously to music. I tend to have the radio on a lot during the day and there are times when it's so easy to fling myself around to the beat of a good song. Again, it's not a pretty sight, but I have to keep going for the duration of the record. It all adds up. I also walked backwards and forwards to the supermarket several times last week....and had to carry bags of shopping up the long hill to get back home. Again, it's not rigorous, but it's better than sitting on my arse all day. I have only kept 'healthy' foods in the house, but they are foods I actually like eating. I may have eaten too much bread and too many potatoes but cakes and biscuits don't reside here any more. I know how to get sweet treats when I fancy them...and raisins and dried (moist) apricots give me the sweet taste I sometimes crave.

This lunchtime I was caught wrong-footed. Daughter (26) had a unexpected half day off work and came straight round to my house at lunch time. "Come on Mum. We are going out for fish and chips with mushy peas - my treat." Eeeek. I'd planned to eat oatcakes...but I don't see much of my girl any more and she wanted to buy me lunch. Yes, I know - I could have had a salad. She really wanted fish and chips. (She is tiny and spare flesh anywhere.) I thought momentarily about choosing salad, but I didn't. Freshly cooked (deep fried) cod in batter is ambrosia of the Gods. Mmmmm. (Tea is nectar of the Gods of course.) I thoroughly enjoyed my fish and chips, sprinkled with salt and vinegar. I didn't protest....I merely left half the chips. I probably regained those two pounds and more this lunchtime.

Oh well. I am not beating myself up. That was a LOVELY food treat, and it was just smashing to be taken out to lunch by my daughter. It makes being a Mum all worthwhile when your grown up kids spring little surprises like that on you. Tonight I'll have a very light meal.....there are ways around falling off the wagon temporarily, aren't there?

So, all in all, it's been a good day. Hope yours has been good too...but if it hasn't been wonderful, I hope you can rescue it or make amends before the day is out. OK, I have finished here, so excuse me while I go and boil the kettle :)


  1. Glad you're moving your body. It all counts.

  2. Fish and chips, there's a treat I haven't had in a while. I don't like it as take away, it gets too soggy, but I do like it fresh and hot in the shop. I think you can relax about the weight, there's no way you'll have two pounds gained back with one meal so enjoy...and jog about a bit it tea time yet?

  3. Good for you with all the movement. That's great. About the fish and chips (yikes). I had to laugh when you said, "Your daughter really wanted it." LOL. Oh well, like you said, you had a great visit and now you'll have a light meal and right back at it. My problem always was, Oh, now I've blown it...must consume mass quantities of calories for days. Good for you for getting back on track immediately.

  4. FG: I am waiting for the youtube video of you dancing like a madwoman in your kitchen when you think no one is watching. J

  5. LMAO you wear me out move more than some of the peeps I see at the gym..I too am waiting for the video of you so I can dance along with you.
    I love tea..I drink it in a big mug..but I think I'm going to change to my delicate tea cup so I have to take more trips to the kitchen..
    Good to treat yourself now and agin..especially with your daughter..:-)

  6. You made me laugh thinking about what I do when I have the house to is up, dancing everywhere. I found that even listening to music in the car during my commute seems to burn quite a few more calories and I hadn't even realize but I'm like dancing sitting in traffic!