Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Nation Grinds To A Halt, To Eat And Drink.

Sunday, and this afternoon England play Germany in the World Cup. This game has been hyped up so much and sad to say there is a still a jokey sort of "Don't mention ze war" rivalry in that we really want to beat them, for a nation's pride. Stupid huh? Germany are the BIG opponents. If we'd drawn Brazil there'd still be the excitement and still the desire to win, but not this "We're gonna stuff 'em' mentality.

The shops are full of beer and pizzas, as though it's obligatory to drink LOTS of beer and eat lots and lots of junk food...Everything that is fatty, greasy and not nutritious is on special offer - buy one pack - a super-sized pack - of artery-clogging junk, and get another pack FREE!  (When will the marketing people come up with the slogan "Your arteries don't stand a chance"?) The food and drink has to be set up before the game and then people can nosh and swig to their heart's content and not one calorie will be counted. The pubs will be overflowing if they show the match on the big screen and the police will be on red alert, as sadly, loutish, drunken behaviour often follows football matches.

So, not a lot is happening in England today..people are getting out early to cut the lawn, water their gardens, to wash the car first thing...all national pursuits it would seem on a Sunday, and I too had the hose on the garden at 8am this morning. A nation waits and the sane ones have taken off for the countryside or somewhere they can escape all this football fever. Me? I am indifferent really. I live in England but was born to Irish parents, so my heart and blood will always green. I feel sorry for the Welsh, Scottish and Irish in the UK. They are unlikely to be caught up in the frenzy surrounding this afternoon's game. However, my man is a big footy fan, so this afternoon we'll have lunch together and watch the game with friends. This being a social occasion food has to be on the agenda, and drink.

I am really pleased to say I asked him to ensure fizzy water was cooling in the fridge, (his fridge, at his house - we are together but live apart) and that we didn't have junk food around. Instead we are having a ham salad with new potatoes - I boiled and roasted a ham yesterday - and my only indulgence is likely to be a slice of fresh white crusty bread. We could have bought Pringles, peanuts, hot dogs, pizzas..or burgers and sausages for the BBQ, but we'll be eating ham salad. I suppose I could cut out the potatoes and crusty bread and butter? We'll see. Fortunately it's another extremely hot day here today. The whole of the UK is going to be sunny and former record temperatures are likely to be exceeded today. A lot of people love this sort of weather but I am not one of them. I like the sun to be gentle...I love sunny days..but I also need a breeze too otherwise I feel grim. I get headaches when the days are stickily humid and oppresive.Sadly it usually becomes really humid and unpleasant when it gets very hot here, and we all melt...and sweat profusely. It is a day for lounging around though. I am going to buck that trend by having half an hour on my bike before it gets too hot and then I have a bit of gardening to do before I shower and spend the rest of the afternoon doing very little except watching television.

I find that interesting. Sundays for me could be, lie in, get up late morning, feel groggy for an hour whilst I drink tea. Sit on sofa reading Sunday papers for an hour. Shower, dress, drink tea. Drive out to man's house, have roast dinner/pub meal with wine. Go back, watch TV, eat cake with afternoon tea. Have a pile of toast and honey with tea later on. Not a lot happened really, although it was (and still is) always quite enjoyable. Yesterday when we got together we walked and and elsewhere

and I drank water all day.

I am not sure if I have a spring in my step this Sunday, but I hope so. This is a nice, positive feeling. All I have to do now is ensure it lasts all day and that I don't over-indulge this afternoon. It's only 9.20am here, and already I have had breakfast, been out in the garden and written a post...

Have a good Sunday all. I shan't be crying if England don't succeed this afternoon, but I suspect whether we win or lose, there'll be lots of alcohol used to celebrate victory or drown sorrows.

This slimming game IS about bucking trends, isn't it? We have to say 'no' to a certain lifestyle, and it can be hard. I am glad to say I shan't be following the herd this afternoon....although if by chance we ended up elsewhere and the food in front of us was the usual pre-match obligatory junk food, I suspect I'd indulge...but reluctantly. Would I be able to say no to all of it and go hungry? Not sure. That's an interesting thought. You know what - I'd be REALLY unhappy to have unhealthy food before me. I want that temptation removed. That's progress, isn't it?

See if you can buck a trend today. Have a good 'un, wherever you are.


  1. Grump: Go England! I am not much of a professional soccer fan, but boy, Ms. M is (Go Sounders!). I want to see a little movement on your weight loss tracker in the coming weeks. Make good choices, have lots of fun, and start again tomorrow. Jo

  2. Oh we were dire Jo. I get a bit miffed that these spoilt players, some on £125,000 a WEEK (!)are so feted when several of them were totally useless. Hype surrounds football here so players have become the new celebrities. We were dreadful and lucky we didn't lose by five or six goals. Food wise I probably ate too much but it was good stuff, not junk. (Couscous, hummus, new potatoes..and thin bread sticks.) Still too much energy going in, not enough going out. Yes..I need to get serious. Maintenance isn't good enough.