Friday, 30 July 2010

Just Nipped In For A Quickie ;-)

Har, har har.....

Just thought I'd let you know I have added a weight loss graph to this blog. You know how the weight has just been FALLING off me....not? Well, I had a smile to myself this morning looking at that graph. It doesn't go up or down much.

If I'd been a patient in a hospital bed I'd be flat-lining. The emergency crews would be rushing to my bed-side. My weight loss (har, har again) goes across in an almost straight line!!! :) Hear that machine's shrill whine!

The emergency team would have massive lipo-suction machines with them.

Doc:   "OMG. She looks terrible! Stand back! Clear a space! goes....(sticks vacuuum tube in Fat Grump's rotund stomach) And suuuck!"

Nurse:  "It's OK Doc. It's working. She is deflating...She is going down." (Wipes Doc's fevered brow)

Doc:   "Thank God. I thought we'd lost her to the great doughnut shop down the road for a minute."

OK, so it made me smile when there isn't much else to laugh about on the weight-loss front.

Man and me are going out for a Chinese tonight. I'll practice restraint. I'll drink water, suck on a noodle and lick a bit of Pak Choi...promise. (I bet Pak Choi enjoys it......)

Sorry. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. (Hits self.)


  1. A nice deline,
    Would be so fine,
    Still a flat line,
    Beats an incline.
    Enjoy, and dine.

  2. Love Glenn's comment and second it, but the scientist bit of me has a quibble with your chart.

    It's that Y scale, me dear. It's scary and seems way too critical of the GOOD stuff you've already done! You can't 'see' the progress you've already made.

    Be nice to you inner critic and use a scale where you can SEE the progress when you track across the X.

    It's great to have that 'final' target in mind but, in my experience, keeping the motivation going is easier if you can visualise the smaller positive steps you've made as you go along.

    Don't lose heart. You WILL do it. Everything you have written shows you are on the right track. I'm right here rooting for you, as are loads of other people.

    Mmmmm, Chinese! Sounds heaven.

  3. Oh boy I love Chinese... Have fun.

  4. I would say you watch too many soap operas! J