Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Wow. An award...another one. (I have been awarded others before, but wasn't sure how to pick them up. I thank you so much for thinking of me. Really appreciated. You'll see not a lot award-wise is featured on my blog, purely and simply because I am still growing my technological gene and learning about linking and stuff.)

Pure serendipity at work here. Yesterday I felt misunderstood and defensive. I wrote about it and immediately afterwards I checked out some of my favourite blogs. Just when I felt like giving up - my blog writing, at least - I visited my old friends (middle aged broads, like me...although I say that with apologies to Ms M who has a few years on me and J and B) over at Two Fat Girls Take Umbrage and there they were, nominating me for a 'happy' award. There are three of them actually, and I always enjoy their blog. It's like listening in on three friends having a natter about what's going on in their lives and how they are getting on in terms of weight-loss. Go see.

Now, there is a down-side to this award. I have to tell you about ten things that make me happy! Bugger. What are they playing at? I have given my blog it's 'GRUMPY' title for a reason and now I am going to blow my cover! ; )

Lots and lots of things make me happy, believe it or not, even though I go in for a bit of self-flagellation when I write. I'll throw off my self-loathing - just for today. (*Coughs* and *winks* at readers, stupidly, for she knows that at her age such complicated multi-tasking might lead to stress incontinence.)

Here goes. I'll be in a foul mood today after being forced into doing this....mutter, mutter, grumble etc. Bah humbug.

1) The seasons. I love the way we get four distinct seasons here in the UK. We get lots of rain too, but Spring blossom, warm Summer days and blue skies, the red, golds and yellows of the trees in Autumn and the bleak, stark beauty of Winter never fail to move me. Nature is awe-inspiring.
2) My children. My best work. I adore them, even though they are no longer kids and they still give me grief in one form or another. They take my heart with them wherever they go. My man too. He is such a great bloke - we met six years ago - and he has stood by me through thick and thin, and in sickness and health. We are engaged. They make me happy. I am blessed...I know that.
3) My cat. He is ginger and totally lacking in brain cells but he is so loving and furrily friendly. I love cats.
4) The sea. I am land-locked here in Warwickshire, (God's own county) but I adore being at the water's edge, looking to the horizon. Give me a deserted beach, a good breeze and I feel at so spiritually at home.
5) Writing. I enjoy writing and write lots. Sadly my arse has become huge because I sit and indulge in this hobby - often.
6) Music. I couldn't live without music I don't think. I have eclectic tastes depending on mood. I'll weep to moving arias, sing along with the Hallelujah Chorus, feel lifted by Mendelssohn, pretend I know about mountain life when John Denver sings, jig about to Candy Man and Poker Face, step out with pretend hat and cane to Sinatra's 'New York, New York' and play air guitar to Black Sabbath and Led Zep. This I do when the kids aren't about, (I count it as a work-out) as they find their middle aged mother a complete embarrassment when she moves to music. Gits.
7) Tea. Nectar of the Gods. Served in a bone china mug. Nuff said. Hope someone is brewing up as I write...
8) Being alone. I am very gregarious but part of me NEEDS solitude. Time alone is precious...I read, think, observe, just 'be' and it's restorative. I have told man that if we buy a house together it must have an east wing for me and a west wing for him. If it doesn't, he'll be relegated to the garden shed ;-)
9) My garden. I have planted lots in it over the 28 years I have lived in this house. Every plant, bush, tree is special. It's a sun-trap too so I'll sit out and think. As I've grown larger, tending to it has become a bit of a chore. (Good reason to ensure I regain my fitness methinks.)
10) Art galleries. I used to paint, (must start again) so I enjoy looking at works of art. I like the 'feel' of galleries and museums...and bookshops. Good way to spend time.

So, there you go. Deep down inside, (despite my fat body, which has served me so well and been the 'grow-bag' for three children,) I am content. All I need is a magic wand to change one or two things, but as I know magic wands don't exist I'll carry on counting my blessings, working on changing the things I can and accepting my lot in life. It could be a whole lot worse.

Hey - make sure you do something which makes you happy today, eh? Life is fleeting and precious.

PS: I have to pass on this award too, and there are SO may bloggers I enjoy reading that picking just a few is hard. Instead, I'll cheat, and nominate The Bethany McDonald Memorial Blogroll http://memorialblogroll.blogspot.com/. Promise me you'll read a blog you haven't read before, and leave a reply of some encouragement if you can? Cheers.


  1. Congratulations on the award!! And yep i'm brewing a cup of tea right now :)

  2. FG: You rock...as usual. I have a feeling we are going to cross paths some day and belly laughs will abound.

    I like the idea of a magic wand, rather than the big stick we all beat ourselves up with. It seems so much more civilized and gentle.

    Keep moving. Jo

  3. My son, writing, music (a lot of the same as yours), my beagles. There is a lot for me not to be grumpy about.

    At work, my Poker Face.

    You blew your cover, that is true!

  4. A lot of your top ten would be my choices too ;-) It'd be great to meet up over a cuppa and compare notes... preferably in a cozy cafe next to the sea!

    Life is indeed fleeting and precious - it's good to take a moment or two to remember the good things about it. Cheers, me dear.

  5. I know without a doubt that you and my friend J. are soul sisters