Friday, 10 September 2010

Ups and Downs and Home-Made Pies.

Oh to be a robot. It would be fantastic if someone could program me in the morning and set me up for the day. I'd keep moving and eat healthy foods (all prepared for me) and life would be soooooo easy.

Hmmph. Life isn't like that and I have to be my own controller. I shan't write much today because I really should be packing for a weekend away in Hampshire. (I rarely do what I SHOULD of late. It worrying how I procrastinate.) We are attending a 21st birthday party..and staying in a hotel for a weekend. What's the betting I'll eat what's on offer without question?

I have had a good few days...eating well and moving more. I walked for miles and miles yesterday and again was huffing and puffing and feeling incredibly 'moist' all over. It's horrible to get sweaty as you walk around. You know when you feel wet and clammy all over and your clothes, including underwear stick to your body? Not nice. Does this happen to slim people as well? I suppose it does, but to a lesser extent. Oh well. It was my work-out.  It was a humid day and stupidly I wore a jacket when I went out. (Changeable September weather...) I took it off  but I had to carry it and two bags of shopping and as I am bus-catching now, there was much walking here there and everywhere and I felt quite exhausted after a few hours of this. I was moving for four hours non-stop apart from two thirty minute bus journeys. I was at my man's house last night (I'd showered before I went!) and we had a lovely cottage pie and vegetables for dinner, but....he'd also been given some tiny individual home-baked gooseberry pies...and we had them for pudding - with cream.

I don't eat pastry I fully intended to dig out the fruit and leave most of the pastry..but it was gorgeous, short, sweet crumbly home-made pastry that went so well with the sharpness of the gooseberries. I thoroughly enjoyed that I undid most of the good work exercise-wise. I keep doing this. There is a mental..sensible food/exercise/weight loss dialogue going on in my head that is being hijacked by "Oh those gooseberry pies look and smell gorgeous. Rare treat. No need to resist."

Anyway...I shall endeavour to think about what I am eating this weekend. I can't promise that I'll make good choices, but if I don't, I have to live with the consequences. The spirit is willing but the flesh is yes, it would be easier if I could be programmed this weekend!

I am robot - not!

Right..ironing, finding toiletries, packing. Come on woman!

Have a good weekend all.

Give thanks for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow. ~ Fernanda Miramontes-Landeros


  1. Have fun with your time away!

  2. Don't me too hard on yourself with that little pie. If we deprive ourselves of the foods we enjoy we will binge. Next time save some calories over from your budget-that way that little voice won't get the better of you. You WILL conquer because you planned for a little something, something.. Michele

  3. Homemade gooseberry pie! Sounds indulgence worthy. Yum.

  4. Thanks for visting & commenting on my blog.
    I've never had Homemade gooseberry pie, but one of my rules is if it's "homemade" or something I can't buy at the store or am to lazy to make myself then I "treat" myself. After all if it's "homemade" then it doesn't count..I'm sure whoever made it took all the calories out..Right? LOL.
    Have a great weekend..can't wait to hear all about it..

  5. Enjoy your trip.

    Here's an anecdotal answer to your question about thin people sweating: My late mother-in-law was rail thin until well into her forties. Throughout her life, through thin and somewhat (but not horribly) thicker, she sweated (to put it bluntly) like a pig.