Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Slimmer's Conscience.

I am being lazy, blog-wise today, and posting the reply (with a few bits added) I gave to those good people who commented on my last offering. I sometimes feel I am living in a weight-loss limbo-land.

Thanks for all your thoughts folks :)

Strangely enough, I mentioned Sean's blog in my "I am going to do this!" post recently. He makes sense of all the dilemmas I face, and I am sure all of us trying to lose weight face them too!

Yes, Friday night was a bit wild, but unless we walk on the wild side occasionally I suspect we might as well say 'Cheerio World" and be measured up for that big pine box :)

Happy memories, the ones we create, are priceless I think. I shall smile whenever I think about black sambuca, and so will my friends. (You'll have to read my last post about wild debauchery if you want to understand the significance of the mention of that bad boy liqueur.)

It's about getting the balance right. I am STILL finding it hard to enjoy events because of the guilt I sometimes feel over my eating and drinking. I don't want to be constantly thinking about food. Life shouldn't be like this.

However, (I tell myself frequently) I am sure once we begin to practice restraint it becomes second nature to just go for the healthy choices. (Does it? Tell me it does! LOL)

Do we ever COMPLETELY lose that love of the foods we once indulged in though? This is why I try to include them every now and then. Fighting all my instincts on a daily basis really screws me up. All I can say is..my fat body saddens and depresses me enough to make me want to stay on the straight and narrow path.

I want to lose weight, and I need to lose weight (health concerns) and I guess life has to completely change for that to happen?

The eat less, move more equation is a simple one to grasp.

Living that equation isn't as simple unless we really throw ourselves wholeheartedly into a new lifestyle. If I am honest, I am still resisting. When do I find the passion for the cause?

Do I smack myself around the head for being a stupid klutz, or give myself a soothing cuddle because I am doing OK just as I am and once I get the hang of this healthy living malarkey there'll be no stopping me?

You know that "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" quotation that caused such a furore? It sent out such a mixed message. I understand the sentiment behind it - I am sure most fat people do, but it disgusted me all the same.

However...I know myself that I do get a buzz and my confidence increases when I am more shapely and fitter. I have been there. I feel better...and that's the truth. The fat me today is a much weaker, less confident and yes, sadder version of the slim Grump that was.

Oh well, another day, another cheesecake.....or lettuce leaf ;-) <~~ that's a joke btw. I have a chili prepared for tonight's dinner.

Grump...being 'good' but aware she has the ability to be really 'bad' food-wise.


  1. I know that buzz of which you write. Would like to have it back. I liked your joke!

  2. I have often said that quote and meant it - usually when I was at my thin yo-yo phases. Nothing DOES taste as good as skinny feels. And taste is so fleeting but skinny can last:) So I wish I could remember this when I am reaching for the food I should not be eating!

  3. My biggest problem is bad tastes good. :)

  4. This was a very fine post. Many powerful thoughts.

    Love this: Do we ever COMPLETELY lose that love of the foods we once indulged in though? This is why I try to include them every now and then.

    My response: No, we do not and including them is part of the therapy of this journey. A must for me.

    Yes, we are all resistant at times. But try really sticking to it and you will see, it REALLY does get easier as your habits change (and you allow yourself to build in the foods you love. Trust me. Sean does it, too.

  5. I remember that "buzz" and I too want it back..too bad we have to work so hard to get it..LOL!
    I keep waiting for that "second nature" to kick in. Never give up is my motto for the day..
    Hang in there..like you told me..you are not alone.

  6. Great post - I would love to have a "conscience transplant" myself. I have a bad rebellious (& grumpy!) streak; the very act of committing to a new course of action seems to bring out the worst in me. "Just one more!"