Friday, 22 October 2010

Some Days Are Harder Than Others.

Why is that? Why do I feel really revved up some days and full of confidence that I can follow my plan - then a few days later, feel reluctant to do so?

What happens? Today, and it's early as I type, I feel I am going through the motions. It seems like a slog. All the enthusiasm I felt a few days ago seems to have waned. It seems like an enormous task to lose this dumpy apple shape of mine - to get rid of these tyres of fat around my middle.

So far I have done the sensible thing. I have had a good, nutritious breakfast and I don't feel hungry. I've taken my daily medication. I fed the cat and later he head-butted me and purred against my arm as we had a chat.  He is now asleep on his cushion. I have a big glass of water by my side and I am sipping it as I type. I got up at 6.45am as usual, saw my boys off to work, have done some work in the kitchen and as my house is on three levels I have been up and down the stairs several times. I have loaded the dishwasher and washing machine, chopped up some ham fat and put it on the bird-table for our feathered friends, (it's getting cold in the UK - very cold!) and now I want to slump, to laze about.
I have told myself that my indulgence is my blog post and then I'll put on an exercise DVD before showering. (I might just put it on and watch it - I have done that in the past!!!)

It's all a bit half-hearted.

However, we know how to get through spells like this, when we struggle to feel motivated. You just have to do it.

I could whine to myself until the cows come home about it 'not being fair' that I have to change my lifestyle. It won't help. Action is what is needed and sometimes you DO have to fake it to make it. I am doing this FOR ME, after all. Why would I make it more difficult than it has to be? In truth, it should be easy. (I almost wrote 'a piece of cake.') It isn't though, is it? Old ways and habits can get the better of us and slip ups, even small ones can trigger a downward spiral. That seems to be a common problem.

The most important thing is to take the next step. That makes sense. For me, the next step is to get moving, even though all my instincts tell me I could catch up with episodes of The Apprentice. I could make myself a nice mug of coffee and put my feet up. However, if I get my exercise out of the way, (even if I only do 15 minutes it's better than nothing,) then shower, I may feel psyched up to tackle the day with enthusiasm and gusto, or at least feel satisfied that I have been true to myself and stayed on plan.

You have to start if you want to achieve. It's the getting started that is sometimes difficult when there are cosier options to choose from. This is why gym membership is a non-starter for me. I did become a gym member  - twice - and I wasted the (quite considerable) membership fees. Getting there was the hardest part.

I am finding that I have to KEEP planning throughout the day. A daily plan is no good. An hourly plan is better, for me. I have to keep having a 'next step' and I have to remind myself that the next step ought to be a healthy one that will bring me a little nearer to my goal. I already know what I shall be having for lunch. A soft tortilla with lots of salad and home-cooked ham...and a squirt of extra light mayo.

OK. Post done. On with the day.

Nike got it right. Sometimes, no matter what your mood, you just have to DO IT!

You are doing it for yourself today as well, aren't you? :)

Have a good one.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”


  1. good lord I can relate to this.
    I think we all can.
    and I do what you said: JUST DO IT.
    fake it these days till I forget Im faking and it ALMOST comes naturally.

    almost :)

  2. Thanks for popping in MizFit. Just doing it has certainly paid off for you. I long for the day when exercising will come naturally to me!

    Still, this reluctant exerciser is finding the more I do the easier (slightly easier!) it's becoming :)

    It's best not to think too much about it and just get on with it I find. Usually. :)

  3. We all hit the doldrums, Grump. Some of us while sailing, others while working on our life plan. Been there, done that, but will definitely be there again.

    Continue to celebrate each and every step you take. You are worth it!

  4. Hourly works well for me too! And you'll be so proud to have made it through another day on the journey to a healthier you :)

  5. FG: I am in a position where I definitely have to fake it. I'm just not feeling the love for the life plan this week. My weight is getting stagnant and I am truly struggling with moving beyond this point.

    I have a man, and I'm pretty unhappy with him right now--I think it's contributing to the life plan mishaps. Today is Friday, and I will fake it today.


  6. Yes, "the next step is to get moving" is the next hard step. You can do it. The first step is the hardest-it does get easier as you begin to keep stepping. Have you thought about a pedometer to help track how many steps you are doing?