Friday, 29 October 2010

Spice Up Your Life...

Hah. Gotcha! No, this isn't a kinky weight-loss post, a soft-porn edition. It's about soup and drastic weight-loss measures:)

Being virtuous (and into making soups right now) I made a big, big pot of carrot and butternut squash soup yesterday. It was for me and the boys - enough to last for two days.

I was tasting as I went. The soup was sweet, despite seasoning, but had a good, yummy 'vegetable' flavour.  I thought I'd add a bit of chili to give it an edge...take off the sweetness. I threw in a few chili flakes. Perhaps I added more than a few? Silly me. That was a mistake.

I blended it, served it up, with wholemeal bread for the boys, and took a spoonful.

Aaaaaargh! I almost spat it out. Oh yes...the taste of carrots and squash remained, but I didn't really want my insides to feel they'd been set alight as an after-shock! :)

Today I write to you with a burned tongue and gullet :) Not really, but I did ruin a big pot of soup. It was more than spicy! I may throw some boiled potatoes into it, and perhaps blend it with milk when I reheat it. That might take the burn-i-ness out of it. (I don't think burn-i-ness is a word...but 'heat' just doesn't describe it properly.) It seems a shame to throw the remainder down the plug-hole.

Ah well. Hot or not, it was healthy soup.

If all foods had an after-shock, I'd be able to avoid them like the plague. Easy-peasy. Imagine cream doughnuts tasting firey? They'd lose their appeal.

I may patent that. Slimming foods so spicy you just can't eat them. I have actually heard of people deliberately ruining their (tempting and fattening) food with peppers and spices and sauces so they wouldn't be able to eat them. You would go off food if it didn't taste nice, wouldn't you?

Just musing.

Thanks for indulging me.

Oh, one pound down this morning. Probably because I wan't able to drink my soup last night...either that or my insides have been burned out and weigh less :)

Have a good weekend.



  1. Too funny!! Perhaps you're on to something though.

  2. new word Burn-i-ness...I like it!

    I also love this time of the year and make lots of soups but don't do spicy. Although I've heard that you burn more calories with spicy foods...Hmmm. I wonder how spicy chocolate brownies would taste (my bad last night)?

    I think I found your pound...damn..oh least you are doing good.

  3. You're so funny! You might be onto something. I see an entire recipe book of lucious-looking, pseudo-delicious foods. And, lots of antacids....

  4. I see a minor flaw in the plan... well, for me anyway.

    This is that chilli-heads like me would scoop up the firey foods you marketed with glee. I'd eat like a woman demented and so gain weight. Darn!

    Now if you could also do a range tasting of marshmallow - those ones I'd spit out in a nanosecond.

  5. Hey Deniz - there is spicy, and then spicy a la Frat Grump's 'throw a bit of this and that in' oown recipe soup spicy :)
    Sadly, post of the pot did go down the plug-hold. I just couldn't get the boys to have another bowl, and I valued the roof of my mouth too much to finish it off. What a waste. I hate wasting food, but you live and learn.

    Likewise with marshmallows...I find anything like that just too cloyingly sweet. I could graze on savoury foods all day long.