Monday, 3 May 2010

Shortest post ever. Probably, maybe.

Morning all.

I was up early to get ready for visitors. Had breakfast, tea, a yogurt and a banana, jigged madly about to two upbeat songs I had on the PC. ( Not a pretty sight, X-rated, but it always wakes me up, it's enjoyable and it's 'exercise' of a sort.)

Then I thought, "Eeek, it's Monday. I have to weigh myself." I did. I trod on those scales, ever so gingerly, and pulled a face. I squinted down at my feet - then found my glasses so I could read the numbers. I trod on the scales again, full of trepidation.

Guess what - despite my lapses, I now weigh 217lbs. Wow. That's 4lbs gone. What might I have lost if I'd not given in to temptation, twice?

I am a slightly less grumpy woman right now. If I had smileys I'd post a huge grin. Oh wow. I am a bit dumbfounded.

Got to fly...lots to do. My feet have wings :)

I'm on my way.....I'm on my way. Yeeeeessssss!  *Punches air in a fat, middle aged way*


  1. Grumpy: WooHoo. You are on your way to Onederland (199). I threw away three pounds this week myself. Keep it up. Jo

  2. Cracking!
    Always happy to hear the good news - and this is very good news.

    If you keep at it the way you have been doing, m'dear, you'll be out and about all day, shopping for a brand spanking new summer wardrobe very, very soon.

    See, add that to the early morning jigging about (I do that too. It's amazing all the different directions bits of me can go, all at one time - tee hee) and there's some more 'nice' exercise on the horizon :-)

    Have a great week.