Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I have been given a sign - or a shove in the right direction.

I do go on. I have just looked through my blog and blimey - I must make my posts shorter! Brevity is the soul of wit and all that.

I am enjoying this blogging malarkey. I like writing. (You noticed?) If I applied myself to 'dieting' in the way I have embraced blogging I'd be as thin as a stick of celery already!

So, today I have decided to go for it. Now, if my 'going for it' only lasts a day or two, or even a few hours, please be gentle with me. Given I have lost a few pounds without even trying I really ought to move forward. They were my free bonus pounds - no effort required (and I dare say the scales will show me they've gone back on today, because I know that our body weight can fluctuate in the course of 24hrs, even if we have lived on liquidised cucumber all day.)

So. I need a plan for today. One day at a time.

I am going to make this entry short and sweet and go for a walk down to the river. I shall walk along the banks for a while and look out for interesting birds and insects. I also have a letter to post (oh I love writing and receiving snail mail too) so I shall take the long way round to the letter box outside the Post Office.

So far I have had two big mugs of tea, and a bowl of muesli..sugar and salt free. I have half a melon for lunch..and quite a lot of fruit in the fruit bowl which I must endeavour to eat before it spoils. I have some light Baby Bel cheeses in the fridge so I shall go continental and have fruit and cheese for lunch. Ooooh la la!

I REALLY would like a big crusty baguette to go with the cheese, spread thickly with butter, and a glass of dry white wine to wash it all down. That's what the French do. THAT is what I call a proper, civilised lunch. However...who needs bread and wine? I am not Jesus. (Y'see, the Cecil B Demille thoughts in my last reply have got me thinking it will be a miracle if I don't give in to tempting white bread, See, now I am thinking about it, I can't stop. There is a bakers near the Post Office. The thought has lodged in my brain and I can see and smell that bread! Oh yum. And I feel deprived - already! I want crusty white bread! I have only just had my breakfast!)

Distraction. How on earth do you stop thinking about delicious items of food?

Walking, cheese, fruit, perhaps a yogurt mid afternoon..and some soft dried apricots if need something sweet, and a mushroom and crunchy vegetable stir fry for dinner, with only a FEW egg noodles. I'll need an evening nibble though. Hmmm. I'll have a go at looking at portion size and checking calories, and yes, I will keep a food journal. Thanks for that tip. More writing! Can't be bad! :)

Oh and given I am in Cecil's Biblical epic mode, I'll leave you with this :-

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for they are sticking to their diets”

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