Thursday, 22 April 2010

I have done it without even trying...

I am going to take this man's saying out of context here, because I am sure (completely sure!) he wasn't talking about dieting and the effort it takes to become a healthy weight, but here goes....

It is only through labour and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.

~Theodore Roosevelt

Well, I haven't laboured much, in fact, I haven't laboured at all.  I haven't made a painful effort, and I didn't need grim energy, nor did I require resolute courage, but today I have reached a goal. I moved more - a whole lot more, and I ate less, a whole lot less. Woohoo me!

However, I feel a bit of a dieting fraud because it wasn't really PLANNED that I'd do these things. Circumstances conspired and I found I'd had a really good weight-losing morning! I had to drive my son to the station very early this morning so he could meet his boss there and travel down to London with him. I was out on the road early and because time was of the essence - they had to catch a particular train which would get them to their London meeting in time - I didn't eat any breakfast before I left home. I dropped him off and given I was in town anyway, I drove across to the hospital to have some blood tests done. (I'd been putting it off for a couple of days, so now was as good a time as any to get this chore out of the way.) When I arrived the phlebotomy clinic hadn't opened and there were about fifty people in the queue in front of me! So I had a long wait for my blood tests to be carried out. There was no food and no drink available. I rushed back to my car - because I had parked it in a one-hour-only parking lane, thinking I'd be in and out of the hospital within minutes, and thankfully I hadn't been given a ticket by a zealous traffic warden. I then drove back to the shops and bought a few bits and pieces for the holiday I'll be taking in May. I scoured the shops for items I needed, looking for good value and I walked lots. I like shopping. Thankfully I had some gift tokens given me for Christmas, so I was able to use those to purchase a new swimming costume and sandals, and a pair of cropped white trousers, as well as a floaty, chiffony sleeved thing - like a very long, semi see-through shirt - to cover up my fat body when I bare all in a swim-suit! I like to swim and my shame regarding my lumpy, blubbery body is not going to prevent me doing that when I am next to an inviting pool in a warm and sunny climate!

I deliberately used the stairs instead of escalators and didn't get home until 1pm, so I'd done quite a bit of walking. I'd moved, and not eaten anything at all! OK, so I know that's not the way to do it, but I had a thoroughly enjoyable morning, and although I was craving a cup of tea whilst I was out, I didn't feel the need to eat at all. I came home and made tea...a huge mug of it..(I ADORE tea) and made myself a wholemeal bread sandwich...filled with lettuce, spring onions and lovely chickpea hummus. I was ready for it..and collapsed to enjoy my lunch.

I am spoiling my day slightly in that I have just remembered I stashed an Easter egg away a few weeks ago...the one my man bought me. It's been in a cupboard in the kitchen since the 4th April...Easter Sunday, and it remains in it's wrapper...or it did, until about half an hour ago. I wanted something sweet, so went looking for it. (Isn't it funny that the minute you remember you have something sweet and rich in the house your brain goes into 'hunt it down' mode? Can someone tell me why an apple doesn't have that same pulling power? ) I broke off a smallish piece, wrapped the rest up in a bag and put it away. I am not a chocoholic....but the thought or mention of it and knowing it's within reach triggers a craving for it's sweet, rich smoothness. If someone told me I couldn't have chocolate ever again I really wouldn't mind. I think it's a bit sickly. As I've said before, if it's in the house, it has to go - straight down my gullet. Best not to bring it in.

I was a tad annoyed (but didn't show it) with my man for buying me a BIG and expensive boxed chocolate egg for Easter. He knows I am not particularly fond of chocolate - I would have preferred flowers or something non-edible. He also knows I don't like being overweight and am struggling to get started on a healthy living regime, and fleetingly I thought "He's a feeder...He wants to keep me BIG...for fear that he might lose me if I become slim  - and gorgeous " :)  I put the egg away, untouched, secretly wondering if I could donate it to someone. Next year my man will be told well in advance that I don't want or need a chocolate egg...nicely of course. I appreciate the gesture.'s been a good food and movement day today. It is good that I have a reason to get out early every morning. I ought to do things and go places once I have dropped my son off. I don't have much disposable income though, so I feel rather miserable if I go to town and the shops. I like galleries and perhaps I ought to fit some early morning exercise in doing a bit of mooching..or window-shopping even. (Yeah...I KNOW I am supposed to get out of breath need to exert myself a bit more than that, but for now I am working on the principle that any movement is better than none at all.) I may have a session on the exercise bike tonight.

It's a beautiful sunny day here and I am guilty of staying indoors and having a lazy afternoon. After my morning out I felt a bit tired so I sat on the sofa with my sandwich and read the paper at lunch-time. I stayed there for a while, made more tea and then for a change of scenery sought out the computer. Time flies by when I am surfing..reading and writing. There is so much to do in the garden. Spring has sprung and it looks fresh and green, and the grass is growing very quickly. Lugging the lawn mower around would make me puff and pant! So would sweeping and a bit of weeding. Perhaps later on...although I have to think about making the dinner soon. Two hungry young men will be home from their labours before long...and they are always 'starving' when they come in.

Anyway.. a hummus salad sandwich, lots of tea and a piece of Easter egg is what I have had so far today. I am sure this isn't a menu any dietician would support, but I haven't had many calories and I really feel fine. Must eat lots of veg for dinner...and some lean meat. I'll have a couple of small tangerines for pudding. I might even get out in the garden before the sun sets. (I said 'might' - don't rush me!)

I can do this.... ;-)

Hope your day has been good too.


  1. Grumpy: I love the name of our blog, have I told you that? I also love the language you use, i.e., "Swimming Costume" and "Trousers". Our language here in the states seems bland sometimes.

    Who cares if you planned it or good fortune fell on you--either way you win, right?

    Keep it all out in front of you....and I would deep-six that egg. Nothing good can come of that. :) Jo

  2. I meant YOUR blog.

  3. Yippee for a fabulous day! See, sure you can do it - and, planned or not, you've just proved it to yourself.

    Good on you for the new cozzie and chiffony thing - and especially for not letting this weight business stop you swimming (or anything else you enjoy). I wish I'd had your strength of character - I wimped out of buying one until very recently and still feel VERY self conscious. My saggy bits are not great favourites :-(

    Hmmm, another tea addict huh? I'm beginning to think you may be a long-lost sister!

  4. Heh heh Jo...I think the same way when I read a post from America. You wear 'pants'. If we went out in our pants here we'd either get some funny looks or be arrested for indecent exposure. (Well in my case it WOULD be indecent exposure. I wouldn't inflict the sight of my body in underwear on passers by.)

    Yes, yesterday I had a really good day. It all started with movement and perhaps that is the key for me....becoming active first thing to get those feel-good endorphins going? I have my egg still - over half of it left and no desire to eat it right now. I am wondering if I could be REALLY strict with myself and throw it out? Right now my philosophy is 'a little of what you fancy' with the emphasis on 'little'. If I went cold turkey and had no food treats at all I suspect I would have a blow-out binge - 'because I am worth it.' LOL

    I think I need a shrink's advice (ha ha - a shrink, if only they could 'shrink' me) rather than a dietician's :)

  5. Oh Deniz, how on earth would we get through a day without a cuppa in it? I am drawn to tea addicts :)

    I really don't get the coffee thing that seems to be sweeping the nation with the arrival of Starbucks and co. Is it really a coffee if you have a mound of whipped cream on top, and chocolate sprinkled on the cream?

    I actually like to walk and swim. I used to be quite sporty in my youth. I'd be mad to let my big body stop me doing activities I enjoy. I'll probably sneak out early in the morning or late at night to swim - when no one is around. I'd be lying to say I don't mind flaunting my body. I going swimming will be an ordeal in terms of stripping off, (I can imagine people staring now) but I am doing it for me. Right now I am more conscious of my ugly legs than anything else. I have been treated for phlebitis so one leg is very red and ugly looking, swollen and painful. However I think hitting fifty did me good. I may be the fattest I have ever been but I really don't care much these days about what strangers think of me. I'd be super-confident if I were thin, (eeek, perish the thought!) but apart from the rolls of fat, I actually feel comfortable in my own skin lately.

    I am just about to blog about how I'll be out in the garden this afternoon. That's the plan :)