Monday, 26 April 2010

When Your Puddings Don't Cooperate....

Another week....and the scales tell me this morning that I weigh 221 lbs. I have somehow managed to lose 2lbs without trying very hard, or even deliberately working at making them disappear. I guess I have been a little more active in the last few days.

I am not complaining but what would happen if I REALLY tried and cut back on food (limited/counted my calories) and made the effort to move more? I don't think that involves signing up at the gym or going to classes or buying in special fitness equipment. (Those thoughts horrify me!) I think it entails gardening as often as possible and keeping busy in the house. I have a spare room full of 'stuff', some of it quite bulky, which needs sorting out. I'd get exercise that way, although it wouldn't be enough to make me sweat or puff and pant. Extra movement might involve walking somewhere every day and being conscious of the time I waste by sitting down doing self-indulgent things, like reading (lots!) watching TV (I don't do this much during the day at all, but will have half an hour here and there if I am tired - an extended tea-break) or being on my computer. I can spend a lot of time online!

Perhaps if I replaced those sedentary activities with things that got me off my fat arse I'd lose weight faster. There is no 'if' about it at all really, is there? The weight-loss equation is a simple one. Eat less, move more - or eat more and never stop moving! Burning the calories is what it's all about.

Anyway, my weekend excursion to the pub with family and friends wasn't too damaging even though I chose stuff on the menu that wasn't good. Get this - there was a steak and kidney suet pudding on the menu and daughter and I drooled. (She is tiny - very petite and slim.) It's something we like but which I don't make these days, (I haven't for years and years) because suet pastry is a big no-no in terms of it's artery-clogging properties! Ha! We both went for the steak and kidney with vegetables and boiled potatoes. I heard myself ask the waiter for it, all the time thinking "No no! You have a plan! Go for the salmon! Go for the ham salad! Stop now!"

Not the choice for weight loss but my "I WANT IT!" voice won. Fortunately I only needed two forkfuls of the pastry to satisfy my yearning. Disappointingly, the pastry was extremely dry and hard and not soft, moist and crumbly like it should be. It did me a favour...I dug the meat out and left most of the suet pastry. I also left two small boiled new potatoes, because I was full up! I seem to be eating less on my plate without much thought...I get tired of chewing, and seem to know when I have had enough. Got to be good!

I have no idea why I went for the suet pudding. That was another act of rebellion. I refuse to be controlled, even though the control is a lesson I have to learn, to benefit myself. The "I deserve nice things" philosophy just shouldn't apply to stodgy, fattening food! Weird.

I spent some time on Saturday shopping, and walking a fair bit. On Sunday morning I did a bit in the garden..mainly moving things around, but rain stopped play. I went to my man's house on the other side of town and he was cooking roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Fortunately he always does lots of vegetables and boiled potatoes as well as roast ones. His Yorkshire pudding failed to rise - it was hard and flat and chewy, so I reckon something in my life is conspiring to ensure baked savoury puddings were extremely bad this weekend! I left that and my roast potatoes so I had lean beef and lots of vegetables and two small new potatoes. I drank two large glasses of water. Afterwards he offered small almond slices to go with our tea. I was I said '"No thanks."

Have you fainted?

I am sure all those who specialise in weight loss strategies would sigh with despair if they read this. I am on the precipice. I could quite easily commit now to a stricter plan, but the 'strict plan' bit fills me with fear and dread.

I have to do this my way, (cue Frank Sinatra) and being conscious of what I am doing is a step in the right direction. Mind you, see below. I have to breathe a sigh of relief that coach Vince Lombardi is not around. He wouldn't tolerate my half-hearted attempts to succeed gradually, without much effort. Something for me to think about.

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.   ~ Vince Lombardi


  1. Speaking of taking steps in the right direction, see:
    OK, so the man isn't talking specifically about weight loss, but the sentiment still applies :-)

  2. Grumpy: everyone goes at their own speed and is ready when they decide they are ready. My adult daughter smokes and would like to quit and I am trying to get her to stop whining about what she will lose, but to look at what she will gain (better health, have more money, feel better, etc.). This re-framing has worked for me in developing my life plan. I have to continue to think about what I am getting for my effort, not think about what I am giving up. Carry on....Jo

  3. Deniz, I looked at that elephant and thought it would probably be best slow-baked and served in a bun with a tangy sauce :) I agree..breaking down the task into small pieces and concentrating on just one bit of this weight-loss effort is the way forward for me. Oh..and I looked at your blog last night...I went back to the beginning and your efforts were really inspiring. You are still focused even though you are lovely and slim! Good going! I enjoyed the read and was nodding along in agreement quite often. I love the way you just went for it and incorporated exercise into the plan, without whining or objecting - as I am doing! I will go for a walk today, for no reason other than it will do me good. are right, weight-loss is such an individual thing and all tied up with where we are right now in our lives and how we are feeling. (I do hope your daughter can quit the evil weed. My youngest started smoking when he was 17 - to my horror. Peer group pressure, and now at 21 he is hooked. I must try the 'gains instead of losses' thinking when I next nag I mean, discuss with him' the sense in giving up the cigarettes.)

    Yes, I must look at the effort I must make as being a really good thing. I have the feeling that once I lose half a stone and then go on to lose a few more pounds (because I don't give up!) I too will be hooked, but in a good way, and see the sense in doing this. Right now I am at the foot of the mountain and feel a bit dispirited when I look up to the peak. However, I have lost *some* weight without trying, so perhaps I should see that as a sign. LOL. I want the heavens to open and a beam of light to shine down on me. I need THAT sort of sign I think! I'll be bathed in the glow and I'll know the way forward is intended. I need a Cecil B DeMille Ten Commandments moment! I am such a drama queen :) Tell me to shut up and just go and eat a Ryvita!